[420] GRAV Mini Steamroller Review

There is nothing worse than losing or accidentally breaking your favorite piece and unfortunately, the ladder happened to what I strongly consider to be one of my favorite smoking pieces I have ever owned – the GRAV Classic Steamroller.

I first smoked a steamroller years ago for the first time with a close friend. It was basically a wide, plastic tube, with a metal bowl piece on top. As you hit it from one end, you use your palm to cover the other end which acted as a carb. I’m pretty sure I might have died that day, but it was a weird experience I never really forgot about. So when I saw this piece in a display case at my favorite local smoke shop, I had to have it.

Obviously, this piece was much smaller than the one I experienced long ago, but it’s pretty much the perfect size for personal use. If you are looking for something to pass to a multiple friends (are we still passing anything in 2020?), this might not be for you, but between 2 people, it can get the job done. If I had to name anything negative about the piece it would be the shallow bowl. If you’re someone that smokes a lot in one sitting, you will find yourself repacking this a few times.

Before I go any further, I have to say that the steamroller breaking was completely my fault. If there is anything at all that you will remember after using a GRAV piece, it’s their solid construction. The glass always feels thick and through out the 3 years I owned this piece, It’s survived a few accidents without breaking. As clumsy as I am, I’ve had pieces for much less time, but this one remained sturdy even through regular, daily use.

There is something incredibly rewarding about hitting this piece, watching it fill with smoke, and then shoot into your lungs as you let go of the carb. And if you’re really feeling froggy, you can stick a joint or blunt into either holes at the front, use the other hole as a carb and hit it that way, something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing on many occasions.

Overall, I can’t recommend this piece, or GRAVs other pieces enough. The sleek, sturdy design is great for accident prone, daily smokers, and I also found it incredibly easy to keep clean with only soap and water. They also have a lineup of many other smoking essentials, such as grinders, rolling trays and small, inconspicuous pieces for day trippers such as myself that prefer to get high on the down low.

Be sure to check out the GRAV site for this piece (only $17.99) and many others.

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