Dead Language is the cold-hearted, nihilistic, psychedelic induced, always cynical, often times grotesque and horrific rantings of the moron you see in the picture above.

Talking like a crazy person from the third perspective aside, my name is Rey, and I make noise that some politely consider music under the solo project called Dead Language and am creating a series of graphic novels about the daughter of Satan called Autumn Come Down. I play shows all around the tri-state area, and am constantly impressed, influenced and inspired by the local bands, poets, visual artists, and other content creators that make up the underground. This is my attempt to share a bit of that inspiration with the world by giving bands and artists an alternative platform to be seen and heard.

The site and it’s content is organized as follows:

  1. [New Noise] – The music of the underground; everything you didn’t knew that you should know about what is going on with local music.
  2. [Music] – This is a bit more general, offering articles about opportunities for musicians, ways to connect with other artists, and other notable subjects.
  3. [Rants] – A place for me to air my grievances…. about whatever.
  4. [Interview] – Conversation with dope people doing dope things.
  5. [Gear] – Reviews of anything tech – everything from music equipment to
  6. [Film] – All about my love for movies.
  7. [Shows] – I binge watch TV so you don’t have to.
  8. [420] – All about my love for…. well, ya know.
  9. [Books] – Book reviews for a generation that no longer reads.
  10. [Zines] – Do they still exist? I’m adamant to find out.

If you make bitchin’ music and/or art, hit me up!

If you are a corporate bloodsucker looking to harvest my soul for financial gain, I am definitely for hire.

Go ahead, pester me with your nonsense:


Direct Email: dlfromhell@gmail.com

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