[New Noise] Tiny Blue Ghost – “Mend Again”

If you are a fan of local indie music and you haven’t heard of Kingston, New York’s’ Tiny Blue Ghost, you are absolutely missing out. The band recently released their latest record Mend Again and honestly – I’m in love. The record from beginning to end is full of raw energy and emotion, and alongside the reverb drenched crooning of front-woman Marissa Carroll, Mend Again makes for a strong release that shows the old “sophomore slump” cliche clearly doesn’t apply here to TBG.


Speaking of sophomores, Carroll was in her sophomore year of college when she first began playing music as a solo artist. The project would manifest into a 4 piece band named Tiny Blue Ghost which released their first full length, Growing Pains, in October of 2017. The band continues to play around the Hudson Valley/Catskill area, playing along notable acts like Tigers Jaw, Nervous Dater, and Slingshot Dakota.

Growing Pains gives listeners various heartfelt subjects such as mental health, nostalgia, and personal traumas, and Mend Again picks up where their first record left off. Carroll describes it as “an album about learning to love and accept yourself and the world around you, while understanding that you have the power to make necessary changes.”


The band identifies their sound as ‘dream rock’ which is incredibly fitting upon listening to Mend Again – the guitar and vocal effects work together to give the songs a very spacey, ethereal feel. Along with lyrics that were clearly written straight from the heart, it takes you on a ride from beginning to end that never lets up. One of my favorites, and also the opening track, “Euphoria” sets the mood and spacey aesthetic quite perfectly. And songs like “Givers/Takers” demonstrates the bands ability to craft extremely catchy and beautiful pop hooks. And the final and titular track closes out the album perfectly, like the ending to a great novel.

Personally, the album reminded me of two albums that I consider classics – Rilo Kiley’s  The Execution of All Things and Tegan and Sara’s The Con. It’s filled with emotions that can be felt with every guitar strum and every word sung.

Inspired by and for fans of bands like Eisely , Kississippi and From Indian Lakes. Keep an eye on their official website and Facebook page for more info, and be sure to follow them on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Spotify.

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