[New Noise] Mischief Night – “Shitty Disco”

I’m a sucker for great band names, and Brooklyn’s own Mischief Night is one to remember. And not just for it’s obvious ode to the infamous night before Halloween when neighborhood kids, like rebels without a cause, wreak havoc on whatever suburban hell hole they grew up in, but their music that seems to perfectly encapsulate the strange and eeriness that comes with the name. Their latest EP that has yet to be released, Shitty Disco, is a true testament to just how strange and eerie this psychedelic outfit can really get.


It’s been 3 years since the formation of MN; after releasing 2 EPs (2016’s Baby Toes and 2017’s The Great American Worm) and touring throughout the United States, the founding members, Marcus Kitchen and Mallory Feuer, would end up like star crossed lovers, marrying each other where it all began – in Brooklyn.

While it would be easy to compare them to other “couple bands”, MN is in an obvious league of their own. Their upcoming 4 track release, and first EP as a married couple, Shitty Disco demonstrates a band with a plethora of influences ranging from pop and electronic to math and grunge rock.

While the record is expected for a release in late October and the track listing not quite set in stone, the band was nice enough to give me a listen to the new songs that will eventually make up Shitty Disco. The opening track “Very Rarely” sets the stage with the couple layering dual vocals and melodies that are both beautiful and haunting in a super strong opener, followed by the energetic, math rock influenced, and possibly my personal favorite from the record, “Rat King”. Things slow down a bit with the track “Corn Lillies” which sounds a bit like something you would slow dance to at a prom, and finally the track “Rene’s Carburetor” which has a chorus that will be sure to get stuck in your head for days. The most impressive aspect of MN’s music is their use of varying instruments which breathes a certain life into their music making each song catchy and engaging in its own way.

Marcus describes Shitty Disco as, “a dramatic collision of forces and influences… [it’s a] commentary on the modern day nightmare. The idea that the ‘party’ itself was always a lie, and the illusion has evaporated.” While the music of Mischief Night on its own sounds full of nightmare and illusions, Marcus’ description gives a whole new context to the depth of SD.

For fans of indie music with a bit more experimental leanings (“like a Beachboys nightmare with homemade guitars and 8-bit synths”), you can check out Mischief Night on Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Spotify, and be sure to like them on Facebook for releases and upcoming shows.


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